High School students wishing to attend this March 31, 2012 event at the Bruce Museum must arrive by  12:30 pm. Lunch will be served.  Please sign up if you would like to reserve a seat. This free event is reserved for high school students only. We will contact you to confirm your reservation.

In an effort to allow as many people as possible participate in TEDxYouth@Bruce, we will webcast the event live at on March 31st 1:00 pm. We encourage individuals and groups around nationwide to organize Olympic Spirit viewing parties which provide opportunities for people around the world to Capture the Moment of the Olympic Spirit.

To Host a Viewing Party

Register your event with Mary Ann Lendenmann at

Please adhere to the following rules:

• Viewing parties must be held in a non-commercial venue. This means in a home, office, school, library, nonprofit organization, or community center. You cannot hold a TEDx in a commercial venue such as a restaurant or coffee shop.
TEDx viewing parties must be free of charge to all attendees.
• Events cannot hold more than 100 people without prior approval.
• You cannot attach any type of advertising or sponsor messages to the webcast.

If you are just thinking of having a few friends over to watch the event but not planning a big public screening, we would still love to hear from you: we greatly appreciate your feedback.